A little bit about me…

My history

It all started at Northern Arizona University where I studied public relations. Photography was all part of the game, so I closed up our extra bathroom and spent many nights developing film and making prints. Yes, “film.” Then came the fun when I enrolled in several classes at Napa Valley College and Santa Rosa Junior College earning a Training Certificate in Adobe Photoshop. A lot of work, but worth it! I truly wanted to procure my Masters in Public Relations, but the Good Lord had other plans for me. I’m also a writer and staff photographer for Flagstaff Business News (FBN).

What sets my work apart

My experience, my passion, my genuine love for people, pets, the world around me. Two First Place awards and several “best of’s”. But most importantly, my faith in God, in Jesus Christ, is the foundation of my work, the reason for the hope I have. I am truly blessed.

Why hire Fresh Focuses Photography

Not only have I invested time in training, education and certification in Adobe Photoshop, but my equipment is current and specialized. That alone is significant in making a difference in professional photography…lenses, lenses, lenses! Plus, I know how to work and manage people. This is particularly important with large groups and events such as weddings.


I am registered with the State of Arizona. I am also a member of Professional Photographers Association (PPA).

References and Reviews

In addition to reviews on Google and YELP, references are available from clients in Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Williams and Napa. Just ask!

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